Have a Little Faith

I’ve been so excited and just had to share my lifelong ‘dream come true’ with all my followers! Announcing my first, published children’s book, Have a Little Faith, about my daughter with Down Syndrome!

If you’ve read my previous posts here, you’ve already heard about the ups and downs of our special life. Many posts have been very honest about our day-to-day struggles. But, there is equally as much, if not more, about our special needs children to celebrate! I wanted to share my sweet girl and her many accomplishments, in hopes of promoting Down Syndrome Awareness and encouraging all children to believe in themselves.

This delightful book is about a young girl with Down syndrome who lives her life enjoying many of the things that all other children enjoy doing. The book is open about the challenges she faces and ensures readers that beyond these day-to-day obstacles she is just like anyone else.

Book Signing

During these crazy and uncertain times, we took precautions. Hand sanitizer pumps were at the door, the number of people were limited in the store, everyone maintained distance and wore masks (only pulled mine down for a couple of pictures and everyone was far away).

My husband, John, is so supportive of my writing!

I feel truly blessed that the local bookstore hosted our event, the weekend after Thanksgiving. My girl was so excited about the book and seeing her pictures inside and on a giant poster! Not only did she thoroughly enjoy our event, but many lucky visitors got an extra special book with Faith’s signature as well!

My girl!
Great OT practice signing her name dozens of times!

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Faith and I are only two people experiencing and enjoying life. Our wonderful children are all different and wonderful in their own unique ways. My hope is that you may resonate with some of what I say. As always, I’m here to promote Down Syndrome Awareness and to provide support, and encouragement for all. So, to all the other “Special Needs Moms” out there, you are doing a terrific job! Believe in yourself. And always remember to Have a Little Faith.

4 thoughts on “Have a Little Faith

  1. I am the fulltime caregiver to my sister, Michelle, who has downs and lives with our family. She turns 56 tomorrow. Congratulations on the book! Thank you for being a voice for special needs families and working to educate people about how special, special needs people are.


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