Calendar of Event (행사 일정표)

Upcoming Events

Yosemite Trip

Ourdooe Service

Midnight Prayer Meeting

Yosemite One Day Trip
May 25, 2009
Mark your carendar for one day trip to Yosemite. It'll be a time to enjoy majestic view of Yosemite National Park in spring. For more information and sign-up, please contact decon Jun.

Midnight Prayer
May 1st, 2009.
Meet 8:00pm near Laurance Plaza

Outdoor Services
May 17, 2009.
Michelle Park near Meadow Dr. Palo Alto. Service start at 11:00am

Welcome to I Church English Ministry Site!

I Church (아이 교회) holds service each Sunday from 1:00 pm at our beautiful Chapel located in Palo Alto California, U.S.A. We are Presbyterian Church and enjoy each Sunday with devoted group of 1st and 2nd generation Korean American Christians. We hold both English and Korean worship services each Sunday.

Children and youth have their own time of worship Service and activities.

Of cause, fellowsip time is one of the most loving and fun sharing time, followed by small group Bible studies.

"Life with Faith" is I Church English Ministry team, we offer dedicated Servic called "Faith Seeker's Worship" to help start, build, live out life with with faith.

Please come and join our Sunday Service and visit "Life with Faith" Ministry Blog and Community Gallery for recent articles and photoes, you will meet unique and tallented people. We love to have your feedback!

I Church has following ministry areas:

  • Spirit Filled Worsship Service Each Sunday
  • Community Service with Diakonia,
  • Mission Support,
  • VBS and Childrens ministry.
  • Small Group Meetings (G12),
  • Campas Student Ministr (Love I Team),
  • English and Youth Ministry (Life wit Faith)